Mixed Bell Peppers Indian Pickle / Achaar


I am not very sure where as to call it a pickle or a salad .
I was introduced to this recipe in a food group and  I  immediately fell in love with this crunchy , a little sour and spicy pickle …

For this Pickle we will be needing

100 grams spicy green chillies
2 red carrots
1 each orange ,yellow and red pepper ( or a pack of mini mixed bell peppers)
2 lemons (1 juiced and 1 cut)
1 tbs ground fenugreek seeds ( optional)
1 tbs ground mustard seeds
1 tsp chili powder
Salt to taste
Wash, dry and cut the veggies in desired shape.
Sprinkle salt and mustard seeds
Add lemon juice
Mix well but lightly.

image image

Cover and leave at room temperature overnight.

Next day transfer to a jar and store in the fridge.

Make in small quantities as its best crunchy



If you want to make the milder version then you can replace spicy green chilies for green bell pepper . Instead of 1 lemon I have used juice of 2 lemons and have not added any cut lemon .


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