Home made Mango And Strawberry Ice Cream …

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This is a fantastically easy recipe for Fruit Ice creams . This is creamier than other ice creams with full of fruit flavor. Quick and simple to make too. All you need is a blender or whip with your hand . Makes a beautiful dessert to serve , easy too, since you can make it well in advance. Delicious as is, or serve with slices of fresh fruits and a little liqueur drizzled over . ENJOY!
The credit for this recipe goes to Shilpa who is a fellow member of a group called Chef At Large on FB .
I am bringing this to Fiesta Friday with me today .

Ingredients :

2 cups heavy Whipping Cream
2 Cups fruit pulp of your choice
2 Cups of to taste Condensed Milk

Method :

Chill cream & condensed milk overnight.
Beat cream with blender or hand till fluffy.
Start adding condensed milk & pulp & keep beating.
Freeze till Set and enjoy !!!

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  1. Yummmm….mango ice cream. Shelly, I’m coming over to have a bowl of this. I very rarely want ice cream, but seeing your lovely orange-yellow tinted mango ice cream is stoking some serious ice cream cravings in me. I wish it were really warm here, so I can sit outside and enjoy a bowl of this! Thank you for bringing this to Fiesta Friday!

    1. Ngan you are most welcome. In my home 🙂 these fruit based ice creams are so refreshing and have very fresh flavors with no preservatives 🙂

  2. Ice cream for Fiesta Friday sounds fantastic! And two kinds – mango and strawberry? Oh yum – they look delicious – but I bet they’re great eaten together! I love that you’re sharing an ice cream recipe that does not require an ice cream maker…thank you!

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