Gunda / Lesoda / Gum berry pickle ….

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Gunda (Gum Berry) is known as ‘Lesoda ’ in North India . These raw fruits are available for a very limited period of time from March to June in summer .
It is believed that Gunda has anti-diabetic properties .
Gunda is also known as Fragrant Manjack,Gumberry, Labeda, Lasora,Indian Cherry,Bird Lime,Clammy Berries or Cordia Dichotoma

Gunda pickle is a traditional favourite of Gujarati households. The recipe passes from the one generation to the next.

Unlike most pickles, Gunda is made of cooked Gum berry .

The most tedious part of this recipe is deseeding the fruits.

It is very essential that the gundas are completely immersed in pickle oil to preserve them for a long time.

For the pickle we will need :


2 lbs Gunda,deseeded
2 Raw mangoes, cut into 1 inch cubes
1/2 cup salt
2 tsps Turmeric powder
2 tbs Split mustard seeds (rai ki dal)
1 tbs Fenugreek seeds (methi dana)
1/2 cup Or to taste Red chilli powder
2 tsp Asafoetida
oil 1 cup [ I used olive oil ]

Method :

Apply a little oil and salt to your hands before handling gunda. Split them and remove the seeds. Wash, wipe dry and cut raw mangoes into medium sized cubes. Take the mango pieces and gunda in a big bowl. Add salt and turmeric powder and mix well. Cover and keep for half an hour. Mix split mustard, fenugreek, chilli powder & Asafoetida . Heat half the oil , Cool a bit and add to the mixed spices. Discard the water that has been given out from the mango and gunda mixture. Add the mango and gunda mixture to the spices and mix well. Transfer into sterilized glass packing it tightly to remove any air bubbles. Cover and keep for twenty four hours. Heat the remaining oil to smoking point, cool and add it to the pickles. Again cover and keep it for at least ten to fifteen days. Best is for three weeks by which time the oil will surface and the pickle will be ready to eat.


If the oil does not form a covering layer, you can add an additional oil to the pickle on the next day..

If the oil does not form a covering layer, you can add an additional ¼ cup of mustard oil to the pickle on the next day.While preparing this pickle, firstly apply little oil and salt to your hands before handling the berries. Also place the knife in salted water or apply salt to it and leave for 30 minutes before using them for scraping off the seeds.



  1. These berries are available a plenty near my home. I never knew what to do with these berries; now I do!

    Now to escape dad’s eagle eye and try to make this. I am a bit under the weather and have been banned from the kitchen. 😦

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