Gardening as A Hobby. …..

Gardening is one of My Passions . I grow flowers and some vegetables of the season . I also have a number of flower-pots in which I have grown some very-green plants and some flowering plants. Maintaining a flower garden is easier than planting one. Although they might make it on their own, applying a bag of manure in the early spring is a good idea. If you have perennials planted, be careful not to disturb their roots in this process.You can order seeds for flower gardening from catalogs or buy them from a nursery. Most people prefer to go to the nursery and buy actual flowers and then transplant them.
I find my best buys when the planting season is nearly over. Right at the end of planting season the local home improvement and discount stores put all of their plants on quick sale. Clearance is one of my favorite words. Last year I bought a few rose plants which were $19.99 each for $ 3 each . Had I not caught the rose plants on clearance I would not have been able to buy them all as my budget was pretty small. I waited and kept checking my local stores for the clearance sales to hit. The main thing to look for when you buy discount plants is that it is in fact still alive and you will be able to save the plant..
Gardening gives me joy & pleasure and refreshes me when I am tired . As you can see I plant a lot of perennials flowers and not many annuals . These are just a few pictures of flowers growing in my garden . I do plant a lot of herbs as well as vegetables too .



    1. Thank you Angie . I love growing flowers , fruits and vegetables . Will be posting lots of pictures and boring others once the season starts . Even I don’t like summer that much . Hate the hot and humid climate . Give me spring and fall anytime and I am happy πŸ™‚

      1. Yeah, me, too! If I can live in a place where it’s Spring all the time, I’d be so happy. Actually, Los Angeles was pretty close. Used to live there. Post away, Shelly. Wouldn’t bore me one bit! πŸ™‚

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