Chicken Curry 100% oil free …


Oil less cooking is no longer impossible …

I know that cooking without oil might not sound like fun, but use the oil for the main events and parties . It will take a little time for your taste buds to adjust to no oil . The dishes actually turning out pretty delicious, the effect of zero oil food can only mean one thing – a healthier you.

Today I am bring to you low fat chicken Curry with absolutely no oil. Yes, you are reading it correctly . This healthy, easy to cook yet so tasty oil free chicken will surely be a crowd pleaser .

For marinating the chicken we will be needing

500 Grams boneless chicken thighs

1/2 cup yogurt / curd

1 tbs lemon / lime juice

Ginger Paste – 1 tsp

Garlic Paste – 1 tsp

Red Chili Powder – 1tsp

Paprika – 1/2 tsp

Garam Masala – 1 tbsp

Coriander Powder – 1 tsp

Salt – to taste

Mix the chicken with all the ingredients under marination and Let it marinate for at least 1 hour. Over nigh is the best .

For the Gravy we will be needing

500 grams marinated Chicken
1tsp Black peppercorns
2 Black Cardamoms
1 Bay Leaf
2 large Onions, finely chopped
1 tbsp Ginger ,chopped fine
1 tbs Garlic , chopped fine
1 large tomato , chopped fine
1 tsp Coriander Powder
1 tsp Turmeric Powder
2 green cardamom
1 tsp Red Chilli Powder
1 tsp Garam Masala
Salt to taste
water as per needed

2 tbspns Finely chopped Coriander/ cilantro leaves for garnishing


In a pan , wok , dutch oven or a non stick pan combine all the ingredients in the order mentioned above, except for the coriander leaves, and cook on a medium flame for approx 35 minutes, or till the chicken is done. Tada, oil free chicken curry is ready! Garnish generously with coriander leaves.

Serve hot with Rice or Indian Flat breads ..



  1. Wow, I have to try this, really when you think of it, why do we saute the onions and ginger/garlic separately anyway? I’ll bet this would be great in a slow cooker too, I might just dump all the ingredients mentioned and let it cook and simmer all day long – I can just imagine the aroma in the kitchen. Thanks for that!

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