Home made Dulce De Leche… Heaven In A Can …


Do you happen to have a can of sweet condensed milk lying around in the house and do not know what to do with it ??

Now you can make Dulce De Leche out of that Can. Ddl is sweetened condensed milk which has been caramelized in its own can . DDL tastes something between caramel & butterscotch…

Process is very simple to prepare this at home …

We will be needing minimum 3 liter pressure cooker for this . Fill the pressure cooker with water up to its max fill line.

Remove the label from the can of sweetened condensed milk. Set the can on its side in the water . The can must be completely submerged in water .

Close the pressure cook with its lid .

Bring up to pressure over high heat. Once the cooker has reached 1 whistle or pressure, reduce heat to medium low , just to maintain pressure.

Pressure cookers will make a hissing sound at this stage, without any more whistling .

Cook for 30 minutes.

Turn off the heat and wait until it cools down completely. While the cooker is pressurized by the steam, its pressure will counter balance the pressure build up inside the can, and prevent it from exploding.

Let everything cool down before opening the pressure cooker .

You must let the can cool for about an hour before you open the can & enjoy this great dessert.


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