Cheat Sheat Boondi Ladoos ….


While making sweets for Diwali , I was very sweetly requested by my younger one to make some boondi ladoos for him .
Making Boondi Ladoo is a real night mare for me as it takes lots of time and effort but it happens to be one of all time favorite in my house hold .
I remembered that I have a pack of plain boondi in the cabinet and decided to try making boondi ladoo using them .
I took the boondi in a sieve and shook them nicely to get rid of any salt in them .

Now for the ladoos we will be needing

2 cups of prepared boondi
Raisins a handful
Yellow food color , a drop ( optional )
Sugar – 1 and 1/2 cups
Water – 3/4 cup(sugar should be just immersed so adjust accordingly)
Melon seeds a handful ( optional )

Method :

In a big enough pan add sugar & water and bring to a boil . Boil till sugar gets single string consistency .To Check for single string consistency . If you take a drop between your thumb and index finger you can see a single string forming .

Add the boondi to the prepared warm sugar syrup along with raisins and melon seeds .

Mix it well & while its warm enough to handle shape them into ladoos by squeezing and pressing tight to shape the ladoos. i greased my hands with a little ghee .
Ladoos will be moist, but after the sugar crystallizes they will become dry.



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