Fermented Carrots and Beets drink/ Kanjji…


Kanji is a drink which is made around Holi (festival of colors) in North India .
It is fermented carrots and beets drink . Kanji is made using purple carrots which are available in Indian market around spring . Purple carrots gives Kanji a beautiful deep burgundy color . I have used orange carrots along with beet roots as purple carrot are not available here in the US . Addition of the beetroot gives beautiful color to the kanji….

Ingredients :

Large Black or Red Carrots 2
Medium Beetroot 1
Coarsely ground Mustard seeds 2Tbs
Salt as per taste
Red chili powder 2 tsp or as per taste
2 liters water , boiled and cooled to room temperature

Method :

1. Peel and cut carrots and beets into 1 inch thick fingers or sticks
2. Take a large glass jar which can hold up to 3 liters of water .
3. To this jar add water , carrots. Beetroot , salt , red chili powder ,Salt and stir well .
4. Cover the mouth if the jar with a muslin or a cheese cloth and tie it tightly around the rim .
5. Let sit on a sunny window sill for 5-6 days stirring at least ones a day with a clean wooden spoon . Water will taste sour & kanji will be ready to drink .
6. Chill , Stir and pour into small glasses. Serve pieces of the pickled carrots on the side.
7. Refrigerate the kanji after the sixth day or leave it in a cool dark place.


In sunny weather, it takes 3-4 days, for the taste of the mustard to become strong.
1. Kanji is believed to activate the digestive system
2. The pickled carrots makes a great side to any meal.
3. Adding a few green chilies gives this kanji an added kick .



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