Palak Paneer / Spinach with Cottage Cheese …


Palak Paneer is creamy Punjabi spinach with paneer (indian cottage cheese ) This combination of spinach and paneer is not only highly nutritious, but is a splendid blend of taste, texture and flavor and a very popular dish amongst youngsters as well as adults and served in every indian restaurant. This is a simple recipe and is ready in under 30 minutes…
Serves 4.


16oz bag frozen spinach Or 500 grams fresh Spinach**
100 grams Paneer / Indian cottage cheese
2 green chillies
2 medium tomatoes
1 tsp chopped ginger
1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder (haldi)
1tsp red chili powder
1 tablespoon oil
salt to taste
1/4 cup heavy cream Or 1/2 cup half & half or 3/4 cup milk***


Thaw the frozen spinach and blend it just for a minute so spinach has a creamy texture and does not becoming too pasty .
Puree the tomatoes , green chilies and ginger .
Mix turmeric, and red chili with tomato puree and set aside.
Cube the paneer into pieces and keep aside ( some people fry paneer till it become light brown ) I don’t .
Heat the oil in a pan .
Ones hot add the tomato puree mixture, and let it cook for a few minutes until the tomato puree is about half in volume.
Add the spinach, and let it cook on low medium heat for about 10 minutes covered.
Add heavy cream and let this cook another four to five minutes.
Add paneer and fold it gently with spinach and let it simmer for a 2-3 minutes. Pot should remain covered until the cooking is finished, otherwise the spinach will splatter.
Serve with Chapatis , Naan, paratha or any flat bread of your choice .
I especially love Spinach and Paneer with steamed white rice ….


If using fresh Spinach / Palak then **

Blanch the spinach in a vesselful of boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes.
Drain, refresh with cold water and keep aside to cool for sometime.
Blend in a mixer to a smooth purée and keep aside.

2. You can replace milk , half and half , heavy cream with soy milk ,Lactaid, almond milk etc ***
3. Paneer/ cottage cheese can be replaced with Tofu …
4. If you are a vegan then you can use boiled and cubed potato.
Bringing This Palak Paneer to Angie’s FF#60


  1. This looks fabulous, Shailja… if only there was a big bowl of it in front of me with some warm naan! Mmmm. I shall enjoy the virtual offering. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your recipe with all of us at Fiesta Friday!

    1. Nancy this is my younger son’s favorite Indian spinach dish … We had it with Naan and I love this spinach with plain steamed rice ….

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