Mini Raspberry Tarts ….


This is a no-bake, Cute,tasty & irresistible Raspberry Tarts so lets say yay to not having to turn the oven on , That is unless you would prefer to bake your own homemade tarts shells. These mini tarts are filled with pureed raspberries and then Garnished with fresh raspberries and blueberries …

Serves : 6


1 pack Mini Keebler Ready Crust Graham Pie Crusts, 6 count
1 12 – ounce package frozen raspberries, thawed, or 3 cups fresh raspberries
1 package unflavored gelatin
A few raspberries and Blueberries for topping ( optional )
1 TBS sugar
1/4 cup water to soak gelatin

Method :
In a big enough bowl soak gelatin in 1/4 cup water till it blooms ( around 10 mins)

For filling:
Place thawed raspberries along with bloomed gelatine and 1 TBS sugar in a blender. Cover blend until smooth. Strain through a fine-mesh sieve, pressing with a wooden spoon or spatula to extract as much of the mixture as possible (about 1 cup). Discard the solids.

Pour filling into 6 crusts smooth the top. Garnish with fresh berries .. Cover and chill for 2-4 hrs before serving …


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