Khatta Dhokla from Gujrat ….


Khatta Dhokla is yet another version of Dhokla from the State Of Gujarat In India ..
Khatta means sour in Hindi .. This Steamed sour cake is made by fermenting the rice and lentils batter over night along with few spices ..
People get confused with khaman and Dhokla
Khaman is made using chickpea flour/ besan and dhokla is made from rice & dal batter which is fermented over night .


Serves 6-8
1 Cup Rice
1/2 cup urad dal / split black Gram
1/2 cup Toor dal / split pigeon gram
1/2 cup sour yogurt/ Curd
1 tbs green chili , ginger paste ( around 2 green chiles and 1 inch ginger)
1/4 teaspoon asafoetida optional
1 tsp red chilli powder for sprinkling on top
1 tablespoon oil
2 teaspoons enos OR Any fruit salt
Salt as per taste

Ingredients for seasoning
1 tablespoon oil
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
1 teaspoon sesame seeds
3-4 green chiles slit into quarters
5-6 curry leaves chopped
Fresh chopped cilantro leaves for garnishing

1.Soak Rice, and both the daal in enough water for minimum
2.Grind the mixture along with yogurt adding water as needed to make a thick batter.
3.Mix in salt and ginger chili paste and let the batter ferment overnight ( just like Idli batter
4.When you are ready to make dhokla, bring the water to a boil in steamer.

Grease the Dhokla Thali’s with oil all over .
1.Now is the time to add Eno/ Fruit salt to the batter and mixing lightly Pour the batter into the thali until half full.
2.Sprinkle a little red chilli powder on top of the batter .
3.Place the dhokla plates in a steamer and steam on medium heat for 10-15 mins minutes or until the dhokla’s are cooked through ( to test where as they are cooked insert a tooth pick into the center and check , if it comes out clean then the Dhokla is cooked )

1.Heat oil in a small pan on medium heat. Once hot add the mustard seeds & allow them to crackle.
2.Now add sesame seeds, green chilies and curry leaves let them fry for a min and then turn the heat off .
3.Drizzle the seasoning all over the Khatta Dhokla’s and garnish with coriander leaves ..
4.Cut the Khatta Dhokla into desired shapes and serve with Green Chutney or Garlic chutney and peanut oil.


Do not make batter either too thick or too thin or it will not be spongy .
Always steam on medium heat.
As soon as eno bubbles up, do things quickly. Immediately pour into pan and steam.



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