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Beverages are a must in my house special during summer , so when I came to know that the theme is Beverages , I was thrilled and decided to make Melon Cooler which my boys love and can have anything .
It was fun making this fruity drink in no time!!!
This delicious low-carb drink calls for the melon of your choice — I used Musk melon plus a splash of lime juice along with ice cubes to make this refreshing drink ..

Makes: 2 servings
Serving Size: 4 ounce

2 cups seeded and chopped Musk Melon or any Melon of your choice
1 tablespoon lime juice
Ice cubes as needed
Sugar as per taste (I did not use any as the melon was super sweet )
Melon or lime wedges for garnish (optional)

In a blender combine melon cubes and lime juice.
Cover and blend until smooth.
Press mixture through a fine-mesh sieve; discard pulp. (You should have about 11/2 cup juice.)
Serve over ice or chill mixture and serve in chilled martini or wine glasses.

If desired, garnish with melon or lime wedges.

Makes 2 (4-ounce) servings

Here is another of my favorite beverage especially for Summer. Click on the picture for recipe ..

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Indian Java Plums /Jamun , the black berry-like fruit is an incredible coolant for the body, a digestive and also a natural medicine to control diabetes. Kala namak is a mineral salt which helps replenish what you lose sweating it out and also improves eyesight, so they say.

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If you are from India or have lived there, you know that street food is a big part of every Indian’s life …One thing that we all love during the hot and humid summer months in India is “Kala Khatta”– black and tart, made with the concentrated juice of the Java Plum …

Kala khatta or Java Plum juice is popular tangy flavored cooler made from jamun/ Java plum and is available in drink and syrup form.

It is a drink which is available in summer on the roadside. The syrup is made with Jamun, black salt, lemon juice and sugar.

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes
Servings: 4

2 Cup Java Plum/ Jamun
Juice of a lemon
1 tsp Black Salt /Kala Namak
Freshly ground Black Pepper Powder ( as per taste )
1tsp Roasted Cumin Powder ( optional )
Salt as per taste
2 tsp raw honey ( optional )

Method :
Wash and remove the seeds from all the jamuns
Using a blender blend the seedless and chopped jamun to a puree .
Strain the mixture by sifting it through a sieve.
Add lemon juice, honey , black salt , roasted cumin and stir well.
Adjust seasoning .
Serve chilled over ice-cubes adding some sparkling soda or chilled water …

Lets look at some benefits of Java Plums / Jambul / Jamun .

The jamun fruit and  leaves are good for diabetes patient. The black plum has anti-diabetic features. Jamun helps to convert starch into energy and keep your blood sugar levels in check. In the summer season, the sugar patient should eat jamun regularly because of its low glycemic index. Jamun reduces the symptoms of diabetes like frequent urination and thrusting. The extract of bark, seeds, and leaves are too beneficial in the treatment of diabetes. In a recent study in CDRI, Lucknow, India, it has been found that the dried alcoholic extract of the seeds are good to reduce the level of blood sugar. The decoction of the bark and powdered seed is good in the treatment of diabetes. The extract of the bark, seeds and leaves are good in decreased of sugar in urine (glycouria). Jamum and jamun seeds are hypoglycemic effects. Jamun seeds powder contains jamboline, a type of glucose, which helps to control the conversion of starch into sugar.

All, the fruit, seeds and juice can be used for the treatment of diabetes.
It has substantial influence on the pancreas.
The jamboline content present in the seeds check the conversion of starch into sugar (in case of increased production of glucose).
The inner bark of Java Plum tree is also considered beneficial in diabetes treatment.
The bark is dried and burnt to a white ash. This ash is ground, strained and bottled. 2 grams of this ash should be taken on empty stomach in morning and 2 grams in the evening after meals.
For excessive urination in diabetes, seeds of Java Plum fruit can be used. 1 gram powder each in the morning and evening is effective in controlling the condition.

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I am not a nutritionist or dietician. My knowledge and information is based on my research and reading from different resources. Please consult your doctor or dietician before making any changes to your diet.



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Masala Chaas / Spiced Butter Milk ….


Are you back home after a long hot day in the sun? Or had a heavy or spicy meal in ? Well, if this is the situation right now, just grab a glass of buttermilk or chaas to your rescue. Masala Chaas is a refreshing drink made with Yogurt , water and few spices like roasted cumin seeds, mint , green chili , ginger and salt, it is packed with numerous health benefits.
Serves : 2


Plain Yogurt or curd – 1 cup
Green chili – 1 small, chopped
Cilantro or coriander leaves – 1 tablespoon
Curry leaves 2-4
Mint leaves – 4-6
Ginger – 1/2 inch piece
Black salt – ¾ teaspoon or to taste
Roasted cumin seeds 1tsp
Salt – to taste
Black pepper / Pepper corn – ¾ teaspoon
Chilled water – 2 cups
Ice cubes – few, for serving, optional

Grind together chopped green chilli, roasted cumin powder, chopped coriander leaves, 4 Mint leaves , curry leaves ,chopped ginger & black salt.
Mix thoroughly with whisked yoghurt.
Add in 2 cups of water gradually and continue to mix.
Serve chilled garnished with left over Mint leaves.



#1 Helps calm the stomach after a spicy meal
Made with yogurt and chilled water , this drink is perfect to soothe the stomach. As you drink it the cool buttermilk tends to wash down the spices and calms an irritated stomach lining. Apart from that the addition of spices like pepper, cumin and other condiments to it relieves the stomach of irritation caused due to spicy foods.

#2 Washes down fats
Did you have a heavy meal? If you feel too full or have eaten too much then drink a small glass of chilled chaas. Buttermilk is very effective in washing down the fat, oil or ghee that normally coats the inner walls of your food pipe and stomach. Apart from this, ginger, pepper and other spices in the chaas help to improve digestion and thus prevent belching.
#3 Aids in digestion
Ginger, pepper and jeera when combined act as an excellent digestive agent. The Carminative Herbs used along with soothing and refreshing properties of buttermilk improve your digestion. So, if you feel a bout of indigestion coming on, try sipping on some chaas for instant relief.
#4 A great tool against dehydration
It has salt, water, yogurt, and spices – all mixed to make a delicious drink. Packed with electrolytes and lots of water, chaas is the best thing you can give your body to fight dehydration. With the sun beating you down during summers, drink a glass of chaas for some much-needed relief.
#5 Combats acidity
Chaas has essential condiments like pepper and ginger that help beat the burning sensation you feel during a bout of acidity. Moreover the chaas cools the stomach and reduces the irritation in the stomach lining due to acid reflux, giving you relief from the discomfort..


Masala Chass / Indian spiced butter milk …..


Masala Chass / butter Milk is churned yogurt made by mixing a few condiments and water . It is perfect refreshing cold beverage during hot summer to keep your body hydrates .
You can refrigerate the prepared buttermilk up to 5-6 days . Just stir throughly before serving ..

Serves :3


Yogurt – 1 cup
Roasted cumin seeds 1/4 tsp optional
Green chili – 1, chopped
Ginger 1/2 Inch
Fresh Mint – 4-5 leaves
Black Salt as per taste (optional)
Salt – to taste
Water – 3 cups


I blend all the ingredients in a blender along with few ice cubes so that chilies, ginger and mint leaves are almost ground as I don’t like to bite into them …

Health Benefits

•Buttermilk is excellent for digestion.
•Easily digestible in comparison to whole milk, it also contains more lactic acid than skim milk. Thus, those with digestive problems are often advised to drink buttermilk rather than milk.
•High in protein, riboflavin, potassium, vitamin B12, protein and calcium.
•Your body absorbs and reacts better to buttermilk as it is easily digestible.
•It detoxifies the body and cleanses the intestines.