Khasta Kachori / fried APF Dumplings with Spicy Moong Filling ..

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Festival times are not complete without savory snacks to go along with the sweet ones.
Khasta means “flaky” and this flaky Kachori is a crispy snack that is stuffed with spiced moong fillings & deep fried.Though a little time consuming to make Khasta Kachori is well worth the effort .

These crispy and delicious kachoris are best served with Aloo Tamater / potato and tomato gravy . For Aloo tamater recipe click HERE ….

For the Dough

Ingredients Needed:

All purpose flour / Maida – 1 cup
Oil – 2 tbs
Salt – 1/2 tsp
Water for kneading

Method :

Mix the flour and salt, Add the oil/ghee and mix till you get bread crumbs like texture.
Slowly add water and make a soft dough. Knead well .
Cover and keep aside to rest for 30 mins .

Ingredients for the filling :

Split Moong Dal (yellow) – 1/2 cup
Cumin Seeds – 1 tsp
Hing / Asafoetida – a pinch
Finely chopped Green Chillies -2 optional
Fennel seeds powder – 1 tsp optional
Garam Masala – 1 tsp
Red Chilli powder – 1 tsp
Mango powder / Amchur – 1 tsp
Oil – 1 tsp
Salt to taste


Wash and Soak dal in water for at least an hour.
Drain the water well.
Coarsely Grind the dal without adding water
Heat oil in a pan.
Once the oil gets medium hot , Add cumin seeds & Asafoetida/ hing
Once the seeds splutter Add the coarsely grounded daal .
Lower the heat and keep stirring until the dal stops sticking to the pan around 5 mins .
Cook on medium low heat till the dal turns slightly brown.
Add all the spices/ masalas to the daal .
Cook daal with masala for few minutes till both gets mixed properly .
Remove from heat and keep aside to cool.

Oil for deep frying

Preheat oil for deep frying in a frying pan on medium heat.

After resting the dough , knead the dough just once more to make it smooth. Divide the dough in lemon size equal parts.

Take one part of the dough and flatten the edges and make into 3-inch circle. Leaving center little thicker then edges around.

Place 1 teaspoon of filling in the center. Pull the edges of the dough to wrap the dal filling. Repeat with the rest. Let the filled ball rest for 3 to 4 minutes before rolling.


Set the kachoris on a flat surface with the seams facing up. Using a rolling pin or the base of your palm, slowly flatten them into about 3 inch circle.

Fry these stuffed moong dal kachori’s on medium-low heat. After they start to puff, slowly turn them over to the other side. Fry until golden-brown on both sides.

I like to serve these Khasta Kachoris along with green chutney , tamarind chutney & yogurt .

Bringing these to FiestaFriday for Angies birthday celebration ….

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khatta Meetha kaddu / Sweet & Sour Pumpkin….

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Khatta mitha kaddu is a red pumpkin based vegetable with a delectable sweet and sour taste. This khatta meetha kaddu is typically paired with fried puris . This is fairly simple Pumpkin chunks cooked with sweet and sour flavors of lemon. chillies, with a hint of sugar .

Serves :1

Ingredients :

1 cup yellow OR Orange pumpkin/kaddu
1/2 tsp cumin seeds /jeera
2 green chilies optional
1/2 tsp black pepper/kali mirch powder
1 tbs lemon juice
1 tbsp cooking oil
2 tsp sugar or as required
rock salt or salt to taste
1 tsp garam masala . Optional ( i did not use any )

Instructions :

Peel and chop the pumpkin into pieces

Heat the oil in a kadahi / pan and add cumin seeds. When they begin to splutter, add green chillies.

Sauté till lightly coloured and add the pumpkin. Stir-fry on high heat till it looks glossy.

Add salt and black pepper powder and sugar. Mix well.

Reduce heat, cover and simmer till cooked through. Stir 3-4 times.

Now add the lemon juice , cook for 2-3 minutes, and serve hot, garnished with chopped coriander leaves.