Raj Kachori/ deep fried Indian bread with sweet and tangy filling …


Wishing All My Friends & Family A Very Happy Holi / Festival Of Colors ..

Raj Kachori is one of my favorite chaat /Indian street food which is not easily available here in the US …. So Today I thought of trying on my own at home. And I must say they came out delicious and were easy To prepare …I must say thats its a royal treat for all chaat lovers …


1 cup APF/ Maida
1/4 cup semolina/ soji
Salt as per taste
2 TBS oil / ghee
Oil for deep frying

Other Ingredients for filling the Kachori..

1 large boiled & mashed potato
1 cup boiled chickpeas
1/2 cup sprouted moong bean ( optional)
Yogurt as needed
Green Chutney – As needed ( easily available in Indian Store )
Tamarind Chutney – As needed( easily available in Indian store )
Red chili powder As per taste
Chaat Masala as per taste ( Available in Indian Store )

Other Ingredients for topping the Kachoris

Thin Sev ( Available in Indian store )
Pomegranate as needed

Method :

In a medium mixing bowl , Sieve the sooji and maida and add salt, oil in it. Mix the ingredients well and knead a soft and firm flour with water. Cover the dough and leave it aside for 15 mins . Now knead again until smooth and divide the dough into equal balls depending on how big you want your kachoris to be . I made 6 dough balls our of it .

Heat oil till hot in a wok or a pan .
Roll 1 ball at a time into 3 inch diameter . Drop them in hot oil and make sure they puff up ..
Once the puri puffs up , lower the flame to medium low and fry till golden brown and crispy from both the sides .
Fry all the puris

Now lets assemble the Raj Kachoris
Make sure to keep all the stuff for filling ready and handy

Break the kachori from the center, from the side which is thin to put the ingredients in.
Put The broken pieces inside the kachori.
Now fill the puri with mashed boiled potatoes , sprouted moong ,boiled chickpeas , yogurt , and top with both the chutneys , chaat masala , red chili powder & sprinkle sev and pomegranate on top..
Serve immediately Before they become soggy

Tip :
The puri should be crisp so make sure you fry in low flame .
You can even add papdi and dahi wadas in the kachori
I have used store bought sev and chutneys


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